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Michelle Williams for ‘AnOther’ magazine


Michelle Williams for ‘AnOther’ magazine

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Thompson, Elizabeth E.

Name: Elizabeth E. Thompson
Nicknames: Effy, Eliza, Lizzie, Liz, etc. The typical nicknames you might give someone with the name of Elizabeth applies to her, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to fully accept it.
Age: Undetermined. 
DOB: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: As she stated in her interview, “free loving”, but labeled as pansexual.
Marital Status: Divorced (who knows how many times).
Occupation: At the moment? Nothing. She’s had a multiple array of jobs over the years, all under different aliases. 
Personality: She’s open and peculiar. In a way, she sees the world in a different light, and almost nearly playful. Her sweet and innocent appearance has something to do with that. Many people underestimate her and she uses that to her abilities. She has this vicious side to her, however. The one that is prone to violent tendencies when she doesn’t get her way. Almost like a child having a temper tantrum. 

Abilities: The user can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one’s body to combat, either by turning into animal, monsters or make the body stronger. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.

In Elizabeth’s case. Through experimentation and observation, can change her form to see fit for the situation and even change her appearance to mimic another person. Which leads to the question of whether or not how she looks at the moment is exactly how she might have looked a few years ago

Talents: She’s extraordinarily intelligent, able to assess a situation and clearly solve it, but she doesn’t apply herself, which might be because of schooling she had beforehand. Elizabeth learns at her own determination.

Extra Notes: The patient showed a fascination with violence. Through her stay here before she escaped, she managed to express her want to harm another. Through that expression she’s managed to create several different pieces of artwork that many would question.